Newsletter August 7th (19th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Where your treasure is, there will be your heart be also.

· We continue today the theme of last Sunday’s Mass (18th Sunday C). There we heard a parable Jesus told about a man who made a great deal of money and was very happy with himself. “My barns are full. Now I can sit back and enjoy the rest of my life.” But his Lord said, “You fool! Tonight you will die and leave all your money and property behind. Someone else will enjoy all the fruits of your hard work.”

· When that man died and went before his God, what had he to offer? All that stuff in his barns? No, all that had to be left behind for others. When my turn comes to face my God and he asks me what I have and I respond: “Well, during my lifetime I managed to deposit quite sizeable sums of money in the bank”, how do you think God will answer? Will he be particularly impressed? He may ask further, “But what have you brought with you?”


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